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Little Fused Glass Libraries- The Reader's Collection

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

I've been an avid reader since I can remember; I even won the "Book Worm Award" in my fifth grade class. As an adult it's harder to find the time so I've also started ingesting books via audible, but there's just something about cracking open a physical book that's incomparable.

As a way to incorporate my love for reading into my artwork, I began a series of fused glass bookcases. It all started with one bookshelf as an experiment, and has really grown into a little library of pieces that I'm very proud of.

A 3"x5" fused glass bookshelf that has 4 shelves stacked with books, a potted houseplant, a globe, and more knick knacks.
Fused Glass Bookcase Wall Art

I just love being able to make each one of these unique with different books, knick knacks, globes, clocks, houseplants, bookends, sculptures, hourglasses, and anything else I can think of! Making tiny things out of glass truly makes me happy.

A rattan arch bookshelf has been on my thrift list for years, but I have yet to be able to find one. But I can make one out of glass! I added extra detailed houseplants to the piece below to fit with the natural vibes of the rattan shelf. I also used a warm bronze background color that goes better with the warm beige of the bookshelf.

A small rattan styled arch shaped bookcase with books, houseplants, and a candle. An embedded wire hook makes it easy to hang.
Fused Glass Rattan Arched Bookcase

Here is a video where I show my process for making my fused glass bookshelves. Of course every one is unique, but this is a good overview of how I work.

After making several versions of these bookshelves, a customer reached out to ask if I could make a custom bookshelf. Absolutely! I had so much fun recreating this bookshelf, and adding all of the personal details to make it unique. I can't wait to be able to make more custom pieces for happy customers!

A side by side comparison of a photo of a bookshelf and the custom fused glass version of the same bookshelf.
Bookshelf Commission Before and After


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