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Fused glass Christmas mandalas

With the holiday season in full swing, I have been busy making seasonal fused glass art! Keeping with my love for radial symmetry, I created a series of Christmas themed mandalas. Tiny Christmas trees, holly, Santa hats, reindeer, gifts, the possibilities were endless!

This first one feature a glass stringer snowflake as the centerpiece, tiny trees and gifts for the next ring, then finally a border of Santa hats and holly. I hid the fused in high temperature wire hooks behind some of the holly berries!

Next we have a poinsettia center that I made with glass confetti and dots. That is surrounded by adorable snowmen with tiny stringer carrot noses, Christmas trees, and a border of red bows.

The last design I made has a center strand of Christmas lights that I made with glass stringer and frit. Small holly and berries are next, then a border of Rudolph reindeer and snowy trees.

I love how cute this series came out! There are so many combinations of elements to use that each one of these can be unique. If you'd like to see how I made the fused glass Christmas mandalas, check out the video below!


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