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Fused Glass Studio Tour

Do you want to set up an at home glass studio? Are you looking for ways to store and orgazinze your glass sheets, stringers, frit, and tools? Then take a tour of home studio and get inspired!

In this studio tour I walk you through my creative space, as well as introduce myself and share some of my background in fused glass.

Make sure to stay tuned until the end to meet my pups, Bacchus and Laker!

Below are some of the most useful things in my studio, as well as some of the tools I use to create!

The Kallax shelving unit from Ikea is perfect for storing 12" sheets of glass vertically. I added these bamboo plate racks to separate sheets by color, and make it easier to find what I'm looking for!

Various jars and containers from the dollar store and target hold all the scraps and pre-fired glass dots on top of the Kallax.

This is the scoring tool I use to cut all my glass pieces, it's the Toyo Oil Hand Cutter.

I find it more comfortable than the pen shaped cutters, and they come in fun colors!

To break the glass along the score line, I use the Leponitt 8 inch Running Pliers. I use these to do most of the work when I'm cutting glass, followed by the Leponitt PCJ-3 Jaw Breaker Grozier Pliers, which I use to further shape and refine pieces.


If you ever need a surrogate mom, i’m available! You could help me with studio organization more than I could ever help you. 😘

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