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Spring Fused Glass Potted Plants

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

With spring just around the corner I've been so inspired to make all sorts of happy plants and flowers. When I am brainstorming what my next fused glass project should be, I always think about things I already love, and then try to translate those into glass.

I love houseplants and am constantly buying more and propagating the ones that I have, so of course I was interested in making my own version of fused glass potted plants. Because fused glass is typically a very two dimensional art form, and potted plants are a very three dimensional subject, I definitely had a challenge on my hands.

Instead of making a flat fused glass potted plant I decided to take a different approach. First, I cut triangles out of a variety of coe 96 glass, gluing two triangles together to form double layered triangles. I made sure the most interesting sides of the glass were on the top and bottom, and kept the more plain sides in the middle.

After a full fuse in my Skutt kiln I had my smooth, prefired, succulent leaves ready to assemble in small terra cotta pots. I used a combination of polymer clay and E6000 to attached the fused glass components inside the little pots.

I am very pleased with how these little 3-D fused glass succulents came out! Here are some examples of finished pieces.

I already have plans to make more, including the more pinkish succulent varieties. Looking forward to seeing what comes out of the kiln next!

Pink and green fused glass succulent leaves after having been fired. They will be used to make three dimensional fused glass potted plants.
Succulent leaves after a full fuse


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