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Fused Glass Mandalas

Mandalas are an ancient "aid to meditation and trance induction" [Wikipedia], that have been around for centuries across many cultures. I love the radial symmetry and interesting patterns that can be created by changing out the shapes, sizes, and colors of the different elements.

For me, the process of making these repetitive geometric patterns is definitely meditative and trance inducing. There's something about cutting the same glass shape over and over again that brings a calmness to my mind.

I even find that rewatching the Timelapse video I made of me making a mandala is soothing!

When planning the mandala pattern, I will draw 8 equal sections on my glass circle base, but only draw the shapes I intent to make inside one "slice", instead of drawing out the entire pattern. Really it's a way for me to get to the glass cutting more quickly because I've never enjoyed drawing!

I love coming up with new color and shape combinations, making sure that each and every mandala I create is truly one of a kind.


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