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Fused Glass Desert Landscape

Make this 6x6" desert landscape with me, using fused glass sheets, stringers, frit, dichroic glass, and glass confetti.

Desert landscapes are so inspiring to me. I love the colors, I love the shapes of cactus, I love how it's so different from anything I saw growing up in New Jersey.

I wanted to create a fused glass desert landscape to experiment with some frit techniques, as well as brush up on my stringer bending skills. I really love the texture that clear stringers can add to a piece without changing the colors.

The stringer tumbleweeds didn't turn out exactly how I was imagining, but that's all part of the learning process! Overall I'm very happy with how this piece came out, and am looking forward to making more for a whole desert landscape series.

Check out how I made this piece in the video below, and subscribe if you want to see a new fused glass video every Friday!


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