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Fused Glass Mountain Camping Scene

Nature has always provided me with creative inspiration and that is often reflected in the subjects I choose to render in my artwork. Anytime I can be making trees, flowers, animals, etc. I'm a happy camper.

This week I decided to harken back to my childhood memories of sleep away camp and create a cozy campsite at night. A bright full moon and sparkling dichroic glass stars hang above a forest of trees and a couple of mountains.

In the foreground we have a blazing campfire, a simple green tent, and a some natural forest floor covering to complete the scene.

The tiny details are always my favorite part, as I feel they really "MAKE" the whole project. For instance, in this nighttime camping scene, the little glass frit embers rising off the campfire and the teeny tiny toadstools are what I enjoy adding to the piece the most.

If you'd like to see the process of making this piece, please check out the video below. You can see this campsite come to life from a simple sketch to the final fused project.

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I am in love with that campsite!!!! So Awesome!😀

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